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  • NurVerzweiflung

    Every female fronted symphonic metal band sounds exactly like Nightwish. There's a factory somewhere in the middle of Europe that mass produces these bands most of which end in A for some reason.

    september 2012
  • nDroae

    "Recently Added: Keane - Hopes and Fears" Oh yes. Classic, one of my favorite Nightwish albums.

    oktober 2010
  • missmetal86

    this is not nightwish related retards

    juni 2010
  • PerkeleKbd


    juni 2009
  • the_spirit_mage

    Seriously. What the FUCK? Okay, I like Nightwish and all, but this is going too far. I'm tired of people comparing the most obscure artists to Nightwish. Every time I looked into a new, lesser known female fronted metal band, there is always one nimrod who says, "Lol! They sound like Nightwish! =D" when they don't fucking sound anywhere CLOSE to Nightwish. People always say "Oh! Nightwish is one in a million," and yet people compare them to EVERYONE. I was just on a Japanese artist's page who plays freaking ethereal/Celtic/medieval inspired music, and what do I see as a tag? NIGHTWISH. This isn't even comparing. This is just some stupid joke (and it's not very tastful). Somebody needs to change this.

    april 2009
  • Plummad

    IT shouldn't be a tag at all to be fair

    mars 2009
  • Vladimir_Suzdal

    HAHA TATU and Eminem I will now tag them as Nightwish hehe.

    mars 2009
  • AiTRON

    Eminem, t.A.T.u. - What the ...? This tag should be for nightwish only ... duh -.-'

    november 2008
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