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  • jonowev

    It's not sad to categorize everything, it's sad to fight over it... It's actually really handy to categorize everything, as it really helps me find and share new music! [3] Exactly, stop worrying about the legitimacy of descriptions of things - they are meaningless!

    senaste månaden
  • Lord_krepelka

    Psychedelic reggae from the baltic sea, enjoy https://balticcrimsonbouquet.bandcamp.com/album/clouds-of-rauschen

    februari 2015
  • marcosramone91


    december 2014
  • rolfeijg

    It's not sad to categorize everything, it's sad to fight over it... It's actually really handy to categorize everything, as it really helps me find and share new music! (2)

    november 2014
  • The_SchizoidMan

    The Chemical Brothers.

    november 2014
  • sim_maiden

    On my Podcast this week my pals and I count down our Top 5 Neo-Psychedelia records. Y'all should listen to it and stuff: http://lastpictureshowpodcast.com/2013/01/30/episode-79-we-are-the-21st-century-ambassadors-of-peace-and-magic-django-unchained-top-5-neo-psychedelia-albums/

    januari 2013
  • earthtoground

    "outrageous bloody guitar freak-outs by modern day krautrockers" Download available @ Bandcamp! http://motherdust.bandcamp.com/album/volume-2

    november 2012
  • c0c0butter


    augusti 2012
  • Oeroerg

    It's not sad to categorize everything, it's sad to fight over it... It's actually really handy to categorize everything, as it really helps me find and share new music!

    juli 2012
  • FloorTom


    mars 2012
  • outrenoir

    cool story bro etc. Anyway how are Animal Collective not neo-psych? A lot of their stuff is very psychedelic in an abstract way and couldn't have been made in the 60s. You don't have to like them to see that

    februari 2012
  • outrenoir

    neo-psychedelia isn't necessarily modern psychedelic rock like psychedelia isn't necessarily older psychedelic rock. I use the -delia ones for stuff a bit more abstract, where neo- tends towards more modern electronic sounds and non-neo- is more like those exotic 60s freeform freak outs. Since everything else already has another name pretty much. Looks like everyone else uses it for a bit spaced out jangly indie though. Just my 2c

    februari 2012
  • venenumest


    januari 2012
  • Sw3dishfish

    chill out guys. it's sad how we have to categorize everything.

    oktober 2011
  • noo_dog

    just because psychedelic music isn't confined to one period doesn't mean that we can't have "neo-psychedelia". That would be like saying no music can be called post-punk because the sex pistols keep reuniting :p

    oktober 2011
  • venenumest

    @MattJones1 you're the one deserving a slap in the face. neo-psychedelia has influx of post-punk (the founders were post-punk bands like echo and the bunnymen and teardrop explodes) and stuff like jangle pop (see paisley underground and the church). there's also the influence of space rock not found in the original 60s psychedelic wave and the fact that helped developed shoegaze (see spacemen 3). and as you mentioned it, there's some electronic influence (flaming lips, animal collective)

    juli 2011
  • Smash0Czech

    http://youtu.be/To4uXfgrtfI Check out this trippy video and song by Indie/Psychedelic band; Seven Teeth Of Saturn (Redding,CA)

    maj 2011
  • MattJones1

    no you're fucking wrong. this tag is the stupidest thing ever. psychedelia is anything that is reminiscent of an altered consciousness. music in the 60's and 70's was psychedelic, some stuff in the 80's and 90's was psychedelic, and things like animal collective are psychedelic. if i were trippin right now everything would be psychedelic. "psychedelia" isn't indicative of a certain time period. if someone uses the term "neo-psychedelic" they deserve a slap in the face.

    maj 2011
  • kauzlaric

    time is the difference, and time changes everything.

    april 2011

    So, what's the difference between neo psychedelic and psychedelic

    mars 2011
  • progadelic

    how are the flaming lips and animal collective not neo-psychedelia? they're pretty much the two most popular neo psych bands at the moment

    mars 2011
  • rewixas

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre

    februari 2011
  • briston559

    Where's sonic boom or spectrum?

    januari 2011
  • Karma_Idiot

    the fucks your problem

    januari 2011
  • Nate999

    LOL Animal Collective? Flaming Lips? Yyyyyyyeah I'm gonna disregard this tag

    januari 2011
  • Brozeth

    Would u guys classify Deerhunter as Neo-Psychedelia?

    januari 2011
  • WhoIsThatGuy

    what the shit

    november 2010
  • Karma_Idiot

    that's only one of their genres, don't worry, nobody's hurting anyone : >

    november 2010
  • SignGuy

    Oh noes! How dare somebody shackle the genius that is Animal Collective with one descriptive tag?

    november 2010
  • Karma_Idiot

    yes, animal collective, the best-known neo-psychedelia act of recent years

    november 2010
  • CXH1437

    animal collective ? LOL

    september 2010
  • ihave19legs

    fuck off with animal collective

    maj 2010
  • stevo796

    This tag belongs to BJM!

    maj 2010
  • venenumest

    the higher animal collective goes in the top artists, the bigger my :facepalm: becomes

    april 2010
  • Moodiesfan41

    Thought some might be interested in the tag I added (Symphonic Psychedelic Rock). Please add more to what you think fits there. The content runs out after like 10 songs. http://www.last.fm/tag/symphonic%20psychedelic%20rock

    april 2010
  • venenumest

    Valooo tagged Lenny Kravitz with ‘neo-psychedelia’. 9 hours ago rofl

    mars 2010
  • dj_tripp_out

    find the answer

    mars 2010
  • venenumest

    animal collective? that might be technically right, but why aren't the church or spacemen 3 where they used to be instead of that shite?

    februari 2010
  • music-is-living

    no no this is all wrong... Radiohead?, there are also some that not are included to this genre, who actually are obvious bands to this kind of music...

    november 2009
  • barbarella3000

    cool genre

    september 2009