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  • metaloly999


    april 2015
  • Hail-Santa

    Modern metal just seems like such a pointless term. When the perception of "modern" sounds changes, these bands will be out of vogue and not "modern" anymore. That'll mean that people who have tagged hundreds of bands that way will have to go through untagging them all.

    april 2015
  • Syndicaidramon

    Dreamshade just released their new single and it is amazing! Must-listen for every fan of Modern Melodic Metal.

    mars 2015
  • MPatusz

    Pointless tag

    januari 2015
  • Syndicaidramon

    NOOOOO!!! Ends With A Bullet is climbing the ranks! Don't let it get up there! It doesn't fucking belong here!!!

    september 2014
  • aernoudts

    meaningless tag. [2]

    augusti 2014
  • qwertyuiasdfg

    Fuck it

    augusti 2014
  • hadomaru

    meaningless tag.

    maj 2014
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