Artists and Bands related to the mod scene, the original as the 80s revival. Mod (from modernist) is a subculture that originated in London, England in the late 1950s and peaked in the early-to-mid 1960s. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Trio Valore

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lördag 6 juni 2015
The MovementConcert Gypsy Sally's
Washington DC, Washington, USA
38.904187 -77.068413

1 ska gå

tisdag 9 juni 2015
Paul Weller
Paul WellerConcert
9:30 Club
Washington DC, Washington, USA
38.918039 -77.023632

1 ska gå

lördag 13 juni 2015
Paul WellerConcert Paradise Rock Club
Boston MA, USA
42.351784 -71.119549

2 ska gå

onsdag 17 juni 2015
Paul WellerConcert Vic Theatre
Chicago IL, USA
41.939472 -87.65399

3 ska gå

torsdag 18 juni 2015
Paul WellerConcert The Vogue
Indianapolis IN, USA
39.869198 -86.14569

1 ska gå

lördag 20 juni 2015
Paul WellerConcert Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, New York, USA
40.71942 -73.961678


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  • Nazipunk1488

    All mods suck dicks ;-)

    oktober 2014
  • Radiohead1954

    Bit of both

    juli 2013
  • penquinharp

    r u a mod or a rocker????? I'm a Mocker [im a mrocker]

    augusti 2012
  • nachobemol


    augusti 2012
  • wayney56

    it was originally about jazz,soul jazz, the late 50's modernists and now just listen to acid jazz and deep funk soul to find the r&b roots of mod...groovy!

    mars 2012
  • Ariues

    i often wonder why r&b is the one genre of music never developed by the british but much of it is called mod i guess apparently. ive just overlooked it cuz when i heared the term 'mod' not knowing what it meant i didnt associate it with r&b. now i do.

    december 2011
  • metawirt

    Exactly, promisedeyes!

    november 2011
  • promisedeyes

    Screw you guys, mod IS particularly useful: to find great music with

    november 2011
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