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  • Ishtaure_Dawn

    Not all ambient is minimal - some pure forms of ambient are not very "quiet" or "minimal". Ambient simply is an atmosphere whether or not it's minimal.

    januari 2015
  • DarkAndOminous

    Isn't ambient sort of minimal automatically?

    december 2014
  • wacreans

    Serenity Ambient Zen Garden, Relax Meditation Mix by DJ Gami.K - Rebirth of Zen

    augusti 2014
  • shinichi

    The Lorax - “Slouching In Your Chair”, The Lorax aka Joshua English, creator of the sub genre Down Tekno and tireless producer and intrepid acoustical documenter is known for appearing in the chillout and downtempo lime light for over 15 years creating sound scapes for both psychedelic festivals/events as well as providing mood and vibe for some of the most chic uber hip happenings on the west coast of California, his home and stomping grounds for himself and his wife and child.

    mars 2009
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