Heavy metal, ofta endast benämnd metal, är en musikgenre inom rockmusik, vilken i sin tur har utvecklats i en mängd subgenrer, till exempel black metal och power metal. ”Heavy metal” används ofta synonymt med hårdrock. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Tool

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metal spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
Machine HeadConcert The Granada
Lawrence KS, USA
38.965252 -95.235878

1 ska gå

Crimson Shadows, Lifecurse, IKILLYAConcert
Bonnie Kate's Theater & Cafe
Elizabethton, TN, USA
The Anti-Folk Revival Tour in Drop-D
Helmet, Filter, Local HConcert
Olmsted County Fairgrounds
Rochester, MN, USA
Lody KongConcert
The Fillmore
San Francisco CA, USA
37.784239 -122.433294
BabymetalConcert The Fonda Theatre
Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA
34.101624 -118.32331

10 ska gå

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2014
Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Trivium, Ill Niño, Mushroomhead, Cannibal Corpse, Suicide Silence, Asking AlexandriaConcert
Hartford, CT, USA
41.780172 -72.669319

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  • xchuckbronsonx

    Killer vintage Megadeth shirts for auction... 12 in all:

    förra veckan
  • bardofesgaroth

    True enough, I can't really complain too much about Rush's 80s output overall. Their early 80s stuff was quite good, while their late 80s stuff was quite bad.

    förra veckan
  • bobo9390

    Rush's 80s stuff was pretty decent though

    senaste månaden
  • bardofesgaroth

    In Flames sold their integrity to the almighty kashmoney. Trends are the easiest way for anyone to make a quick buck. If it's hip and cool with the kids, it's easy to just manufacture something that sounds like that and churn it out like there's no tomorrow. Kinda reminds me how many quality 70s prog rock bands such as Yes, Genesis and Camel became mindless pop rawk in the 80s. At least Camel got their heads out of their arse quickly.

    senaste månaden
  • spineshank155

    Possibly the reason In Flames is so awful now. I tolerated their changed direction previous to A Sense Of Purpose, but ASOP to the most recent effort, the band is shit now. People who jump on every new trend will generally accept every new album a band makes no matter how awful or untalented they've become. Not every new thing or trend is always good, if people jumping off a bridge or a cliff was a trend, there would be people following that. Too many sheep in the world today. That's not to say trends are not bad, but liking a trend because that trend exists doesn't mean it's good. Going back to IF, the band that created The Jester Race, Whoracle and Colony you would think people have standards when it comes to music, but it's clear to me with Siren Charms (or rather the 2 songs that were released) people don't really care about the music, they'd rather jump on the trend instead.

    senaste månaden
  • Tritone_Devil

    Jumping on every new trend is just as bad as being stuck in the past.

    senaste månaden
  • spineshank155

    I thought of this, when metal has to follow certain "rules". Though those rules don't make a band metal imo. If you follow the guidelines in metal-archives you shouldn't have a problem with figuring out what is metal. There's a lot of imitation or inferior artists, it isn't limited to metal either. Though some bands do it well, others are just bad carbon copies. If metal bands experimented more, if they choose to give up majority of the metal elements, there's a chance it won't be labeled metal. There is nothing wrong with experimentation or if something is non metal, it just most likely won't be labeled as metal.

    senaste månaden
  • bardofesgaroth

    vv Metal has to follow certain "rules" (though there aren't really that many), whether you like it or not and doing new and "trendy" things just for the sake of doing new and "trendy" things reeks of hipster garbage. It has to honour it's influence from classical music, since metal draws most of it's influence from it. Metal also can't be literal, it must use the dark and/or fantastic themes and lyrics for symbolic purposes which in the end are used to reveal a truth in everyday life. That use of symbolism is something that metal shares with classical music and progressive rock. You can't call something metal just because it's instrumentation is heavy or brutal, there's more that needs to go into it.

    senaste månaden
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