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  • imagodoc

    I have to agree with futurolvidado and Moodiesfan41: If we are talking mellotron and prog/pop music, to leave out the Moodies is like discussing the history of manned flight and leaving out the Wright brothers. Many of the keyboardists of the groups mentioned below directly or indirectly credit Mike Pinder and the Moodies with turning them on to the Tron. Yeah, some may credit the Beatles (Strawberry Fields Forever) or the Stones (2000 Light Years From Home) but who turned THEM on to the Tron? Yup, Mike Pinder. Not to mention the sheer lushness (for which they were often criticized) of much of their earlier music, all due to the Mellotron. Is there a better Tron album overall than To Our Children's Children's Children? I think not!

    oktober 2013
  • juanbrujox

    Best mellotron ever: Epitaph, King Crimson, followed by many more.... Bowie's Space Oddity, White Rider from Camel, And You and I from Yes... Mellotron oh how I love you

    januari 2013
  • julian2qs

    BLUE MAMMOTH band official site - progressive rock Find many mellotrons passages.

    oktober 2012
  • futurolvidado

    The Moody Blues not on the top of this list? That's a crime. Anyways what a great sound the Mellotron is. (2)

    maj 2011
  • silverlage

    Just curious, can you name a bunch of the Moody's songs in which the mellotron was used? I'd gladly tag them.

    juli 2010
  • Moodiesfan41

    The Moody Blues not on the top of this list? That's a crime. Anyways what a great sound the Mellotron is.

    mars 2010
  • percenttwenty

    maybe on Breaking The Girl? that'd be my guess.

    mars 2010
  • Ozzloaf

    @mellors- Radiohead has used it twice, both times in OK Computer, The Beatles used it a bit, especially on Magical Mystery Tour, Floyd barely used one, yeah, and RHCP used it on one song, I forget which. It was a big hit, which is why it's so popular here. Anyway. 'Tron = The best instrument ever.

    januari 2010
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