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  • goldfishclowns

    There's some fantastic bands in this offshoot of Math Rock, but at the same time it is overpopulated by bands that try to be Colour or Tubelord, but not as good, especially here in the UK.

    12 dagar sedan
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Over-populated by hipster bullshit, but Signals and Marvins Revolt are pretty badass.

    juli 2014
  • PetitSagittaire

    Best genrename ever! [2]

    februari 2014
  • BitchDestroyer

    Best genrename ever!

    november 2013
  • Mechayoshi

    weird, I thought math rock already could have clean vocals and catchy choruses

    april 2013
  • Jonny-V

    So, it's just more proof that this is just part of the service that Last.Fm offers. Who knew musicians would have the problem of their music being found through "tags"?

    februari 2013
  • Jonny-V

    Interesting tag, implying Beyonce will eventually be featured on a Tera Melos album or something.

    februari 2013
  • zombiesaresmart

    if you question the validity of this tag/genre you obviously haven't heard TTNG. [2]

    juli 2012
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