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    Labores Somnium Is a douche bag who used multiple fake accounts to infect this and my other tags with his shit music. It is not MaliciousMuppet worthy!

    april 2015

    .•*¨*•♫♪•ॐ• I saw Shpongle and Phutureprimitive Last night. =D. The best 4 hrs of music to ever pass through my ears. I GOT SIMON'S AUTOGRAPH !!!! Two of my top 10 favorite laptop composers of all time in one place !!!!!! MENTAL ORGASM ! =D. THANK YOU BOTH SOOOOO MUCH !!!!! 2 years ago i made this global tag to classify their styles into a new sub genera: . Its amazing to me they are now touring together. Makes me feel in tune with my indigo chakra. MUCH LOVE !!! NAMASTE•ॐ•♪♫•♫*¨*•

    maj 2012
  • ndeselms

    I feel like I just read some weird religious manifesto...

    april 2012
  • Chris-Blitz

    in b4 mainstream

    april 2012
  • PROnikx

    ? (2)

    mars 2012
  • almerindo_lana


    februari 2012
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