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male vocalist spelningar i USAse alla

Obie BermudezConcert Highline Ballroom
New York, USA
40.743128 -74.005666
Obie BermudezConcert Subrosa
New York, USA
måndag 20 april 2015
Obie BermudezConcert Subrosa
New York, USA
Obie BermudezConcert Subrosa
New York, USA


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  • yeleaa11

    hello dear how are you today my name is miss yelena i will like you to write me back my email id ( i will send for you my pics

    november 2014
  • Musicbusiness

    I feel male vocalists are under looked in today's society.

    juni 2014
  • WickedWillyMuse

    Hello, we're Wicked Willy, and we invite you to hear the "dark side" of singer-songwriter music! Please give a listen to our new album at: -Thanks so much for your support & let us know what you think of the songs! Frozen

    augusti 2011
  • C26000

    I find this tag useful for styles where female vocalists are common. Twee Pop , Gothic Symphonic Metal or some styles of Electro Pop...

    oktober 2009
  • shalotka

    Captain Obvious to the rescuuuuuue! xD

    september 2009
  • MistahJohnson

    I feel male vocalists are underlooked in today's society.

    juli 2009
  • ewaglad

    neeeonafterglow: indeed, it's very interest issue.

    maj 2009
  • neeeonafterglow

    oh, but tagging things as female vocalist seems ok...

    april 2009
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