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male vocalists spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
Boyce Avenue
Kris AllenConcert
The Crofoot
Pontiac, MI, Detroit, USA
42.636695 -83.291922
Aaron CarterConcert District N9NE
Philadelphia, USA
Boyce Avenue
Kris AllenConcert
Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
Columbus OH, Columbus, USA
39.969817 -83.010375
David Cook
Chris WoodConcert
Jack Rabbits
Jacksonville FL, USA
30.309833 -81.655019
lördag 1 november 2014
Boyce Avenue
Kris AllenConcert
Vic Theatre
Chicago IL, USA
41.939472 -87.65399

1 ska gå

Rachael Sage CD Release Party
Rachael Sage, Gregory DouglassConcert
(le) poisson rouge
New York, USA
40.728495 -73.999835


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  • JorjiCostanza

    Tagging something with "male vocalists" is just as bad as tagging something with "female vocalists". You're not helping the cause here.

    juni 2014
  • TheOnlyRoc

    how do we know which ones are human?

    juni 2014
  • outresens

    I think it might be more subversive to start tagging stuff as "human vocalists".

    maj 2014
  • Angel_Blue-

    I think people have trouble to distinguish the sex of the singers, that's why they tag as male or female vocalists...

    maj 2014
  • Purzel_PadauZ

    Great tag and that is said by someone who is always mocking on the "female vocalists"-tag, because if you tag something as "female vocalists" you should as well tag male vocalists as such, you know?

    april 2014
  • bethzania

    LOL. I'm going to try protest-tagging all the music I listen to which has a male vocalist in the hopes of this tag becoming big enough to eclipse the stupid female vocalist one.

    april 2014
  • psychoTEDDY

    @cornwell_93 Jeez, man, that's totally uncalled for... there is nothing wrong with the idea of feminism as a whole, just people individually... don't insult a whole group just 'cause a few members 'suck'.

    december 2013
  • cornwell_93

    Хорошая попытка, феминистки, но вы всё равно заглатываете большого хуйца. / Nice try, feminists, but you still suck.

    november 2013
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