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lovedbybeyondwithin spelningar i USAse alla

fredag 29 maj 2015
The UnclaimedConcert Elbo Room
San Francisco CA, USA
37.762539 -122.421512

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tisdag 23 juni 2015
Ecstatic Vision
Mercury Lounge
New York, USA
40.722036 -73.986806
fredag 26 juni 2015
Ecstatic Vision
Johnny Brenda's
Philadelphia PA, USA
39.96905 -75.134321
tisdag 30 juni 2015
Ecstatic Vision
Gallery 5
Richmond VA, USA
37.547272 -77.445386
onsdag 1 juli 2015
Ecstatic Vision
The Golden Pony
Harrisonburg, USA
tisdag 7 juli 2015
Trans AM
Midday VeilConcert
The Crocodile
Seattle WA, USA
47.613589 -122.344281

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  • lossless777

    now i remember how i found this tag...Grimble Grumble. ♥

    augusti 2013
  • the_strand

    Half of the time I like a song I find this tag there.

    juni 2013
  • lossless777

    well i want to marry this tag

    juni 2013
  • Antonimo55

    Thanks gotaholeinme, that was quite enlightening.

    april 2013
  • michouz

    damn hippies !

    januari 2013
  • nfrae

    ▼Damn skippy!

    januari 2013
  • Harfang

    Don't be such a bunch of babies. The great thing about a tag like this is that it doesn't mess with tagging at large. It's the same reason I have tags that are phrased a goofy way. Some of them have my username in them, some don't. Tags are a tool. Use them!

    oktober 2012
  • gotaholeinme

    oh, i heard about these "lovedby..." tags. once upon a time, you could play your "loved tracks" as a radio station, and now you can't. so users created personal "loved tags". *but* - you can't play a tag as a station unless there are more than 2 who use it. so, people got together to use each others' tags (using some Greasemonkey add-on) -- that's why there are 40 users of this tag. i was too lazy to get involved myself, but that's the story

    september 2012
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