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  • headey

    ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44Y-_JAjAwE

    juni 2013
  • headey

    re:'Lord of the Dance' tune : "Simple Gifts" is a Shaker song written and composed in 1848 by Elder Joseph Brackett. ~~~ It has endured many inaccurate descriptions. Though often classified as an anonymous Shaker hymn or as a work song, it is better classified as a dance song. ~~~ The tune was written by Joseph Brackett (1797–1882) in 1848. Brackett, a lifelong resident of Maine, first joined the Shakers at Gorham, Maine, when his father's farm helped to form the nucleus of a new Shaker settlement. ~~~ The song was largely unknown outside Shaker communities until Aaron Copland used its melody for the score of Martha Graham's ballet Appalachian Spring, first performed in 1944. Copland used "Simple Gifts" a second time in 1950 in his first set of Old American Songs for voice and piano, which was later orchestrated. ~~~

    juni 2013
  • headey

    Many people thought that the tune of "Simple Gifts" was a traditional Celtic one but both the music and original lyrics are actually the compositions of Brackett. "Simple Gifts" has been adapted or arranged many times since by folksingers and composers. ~~~ Probably the best known version is by English songwriter Sydney Carter, who adapted the Shaker tune for his song "Lord Of The Dance", first published in 1963. ~~~ The Carter lyrics were adapted, in ignorance of the actual origins, without authorization or acknowledgments by Ronan Hardiman for Michael Flatley's dance musical Lord of the Dance, which opened in 1996. ~~~ lots more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simple_Gifts

    juni 2013
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