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lo-fi spelningar i USAse alla

måndag 1 juni 2015
The Mountain Goats
Blank RangeConcert
The Fillmore
San Francisco CA, USA
37.784239 -122.433294

10 var där

1 hojtning
The Pyramid Scheme
Grand Rapids MI, USA
42.961269 -85.668812

1 var där

I dag
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Absolutely FreeConcert
Brighton Music Hall
Boston, USA
42.3529 -71.132613

8 ska gå

GirlpoolConcert Amoeba Music
Los Angeles CA, USA
34.097862 -118.328928
Shakey Graves
Carson McHoneConcert
Record Bar
Kansas City MO, USA
39.050489 -94.599251
The Mountain Goats
Blank RangeConcert
The Great American Music Hall
San Francisco CA, USA
37.784963 -122.418871

9 ska gå



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  • goldfishclowns

    I personally don't see the beef with intentional lo-fi, if it suits the music, then who really gives a shit? In this day and age, any attempt at lo-fi is most likely to be intentional, given how accessible good quality recording equipment is.

    senaste månaden
  • PsychoLold

    lo-fi describes a sound that is characterized by a lack of overdubs and electronic effects, and the artists usually choose simple instrumentation. Also, an unedited, "raw" sound has a certain charm to it, since it might sound distorted and generally unclean, thus producing a more "organic" sound. I don't see how this is a stupid idea. It's just an antithesis to artists like Coldplay (for example) and has its very own right to exist.

    senaste månaden
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Intentional lo-fi is one of the most stupid ideas mankind ever came up with. You couldn't be more pretentious i.e. hipster if you tried. [2] Shame how it's affected some stuff that would be toherwise great, too...like Dust Sculptures.

    senaste månaden
  • LAHardwave

    lo-fi wave rock...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_Q44Wn8jp4

    mars 2015
  • tb_lvlup

    https://ostpreussen.bandcamp.com/album/saturnalia-trip Oriental melodies, something of jazz, a bit of ethnic and renounced ambient. Very eclectic work. free download

    mars 2015
  • Chloelowee

    Lo-fi gloom from Master Harker https://masterharker.bandcamp.com/album/black-nore

    mars 2015
  • qwertyuiasdfg

    So many good artists, but i fucking hate this tag

    februari 2015
  • alex-dean

    Really weird tag. But most of the artists i love are tagged lo-fi, Modest Mouse, Neutral Milk Hotel, Kurt Vile etc. Guess it's mostly associated with indie artists, tho indie is also hard to describe. Ahh music...

    februari 2015
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