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  • Farxanc

    they are best so it is logical to make a tag for them it,s just for easy knowing

    april 2010
  • szafi19

    People who tagged Katatonia and similar bands,songs,albums,whatever... as "katatonia" and they're subscribers, can listen to what exactly they tagged.Not subscribers from UK,USA,Germany can listen to whole "katatonia tag" radio(bands tagged by everyone)through last.fm application but first they have to tag sth as "katatonia".People outside UK etc. can change proxy settings in last app and listen like those ones in the second case. Simple! Of course it works also for other bands, other tags and kinda justifies all the stupid tags around here.Kinda

    mars 2010
  • gabrielcavaresi

    Who the hell tagged Katatonia as Katatonia? Captain Obvious here.

    oktober 2009
  • He11Kn1ght

    this is one of the dumbest tags I've seen

    maj 2009
  • scapino

    "Satatonia tagged Katatonia with katatonia" facepalm.jpg

    maj 2009
  • Liliengrab

    Maybe one or more of their members suffers from Catatonia but I couldn't find any information 'bout that. So there seem to be some last.fm users tagging crap or think they are funny.

    maj 2009
  • PsychoSon

    Could someone explain to me who in the world tags Aerosmith and Papa Roach as "Katatonia"??? It doesn't even make sense to use a band name as a tag to begin with, but what in the blue hell do those 2 bands have in common with Katatonia???

    december 2008
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