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  • acclamationsun

    Fix the "Top Tracks" so you can listen to the whole list

    januari 2015
  • Zalvador05

    tag this music with j-rock. people don't need two tags for the same music.[3]

    mars 2014
  • KingAzakun

    tag this music with j-rock. people don't need two tags for the same music.[2]

    februari 2013
  • comedyblog

    lol jrock 4 life

    december 2012
  • kacper92

    I've got a better idea. Take out both of these tags and problem solved.

    november 2012
  • ElectroPeter

    tag this music with . people don't need two tags for the same music.

    november 2012
  • dubstepmakers

    jrock is where its at

    oktober 2012
  • Yasuhiro1

    lol @ saying a band deserves or doesn't deserve this tag. The tag itself is meaningless, and extremely vague. Now tagging bands with Jrock doesn't bother me too much because I know why people do it. What does bother me is that the foreign fanbase of visual music seems to truly believe that "Jrock" is simply another word for VK (which is another extremely vague term.) Somehow we (vk listeners) don't seem to recognize genres with our bands and just slap on two meaningless terms to disregard it. This is probably why our recommendations lists are a joke.

    mars 2012
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