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  • omsouhaib


    januari 2015
  • 29700761

    NO DIRECTION HOME September 3, 2014 "I have no hope for the future and just hope to have enough boots to change." (Bob Dylan and the man of constant sorrow). With the clear understanding that we are not going anywhere and that the only really important thing is just to go. Spotify list at:

    september 2014
  • barakkabs

    hail hail !

    juli 2013
  • alemao_010


    juli 2011
  • marikunaa


    november 2010
  • space36

    because he is johny cash

    maj 2010
  • Slayer_747

    que te calles quiro escucharlo

    oktober 2009
  • panks_not_deder

    i think it's stupid to tag artists with their names. and i can even understand when people tag johnny cash with johnny cash. but why do people tag rolling stones, for example, with johnny cash??

    november 2008
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