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  • ilhammaulana


    november 2014
  • dark-witch00027

    Not everything Jap is crap, But the majority of these bands are mainly Vk bands before being into Metal, don't judge if you don't know how to appreciate another genre of music !

    oktober 2014
  • mikenike925

    blood stain child!!

    augusti 2014
  • Runoflife

    There's a big difference between j-metal (bunch of fags) and real metal band from Japan.

    augusti 2014
  • AfezeriaMiku

    The amount of fucker in this place is too damn high.

    maj 2014
  • GraveHill1992

    j-anything is crap [4] Not all japanese bands sucks. Sabbat, Raging Fury and Abigail are pretty good Thrash

    januari 2014
  • Alisa59

    Disappointing. :/

    december 2013
  • forfrosne

    j-tags are inevtiably a disappointment as the visual kei fans don't understand the difference between j-rock and j-metal. In principle, such j-tags are useful if you're interesed in discovering new bands of a particulary genre from a country such as Japan. Unfortunately in practise it's ruined by poor tagging..

    december 2013
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