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  • idkmon

    Why aren't Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Donna Summer, the Supremes influential? Because rock music made from the mid-1960s to early 1990s is automatically more influential? Get your friends or like minded people to tag what you think is truly influential if you have a problem with it.

    januari 2013
  • KingAzakun

    I got a shock when I saw this page [3]

    januari 2013
  • SkyFire2008

    >Examples of influential artists from past and present are Nirvana, Kraftwerk and The Beatles >Top Artists: spice girls and other shit.

    augusti 2012
  • RussellChap

    :-) I use this tag.

    mars 2012
  • PsychoLold

    What the ... ? Do only trolls use this tag??

    december 2011
  • MamaLuigi

    The Supremes rule.

    september 2011
  • Nakkinak

    I got a shock when I saw this page

    juni 2011
  • pg666donegan

    Yeah, Spice Girls were influential. They introduced bitching into the industry of music.

    maj 2011
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