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  • DJABCD420

    Hey... I'm from dj abcd ... I'm like indian music and indian culcher...thank's for like and enjoy.....hip-pop ,rock,classic music..

    december 2013
  • Pi_Puppids

    Please join my group, Harmonium Lovers!:

    januari 2012
  • kurohime

    Hello. How is Roop Verma's name written in Hindi?

    maj 2011
  • megalonsrevenge

    hello, i'm just getting interested in indian classical music, but don't really know where to start. I'm very interested in the dilruba and sarangi, but also love the sitar. While i do like and appreciate this music with singing, the instrumental aspect is more appealing to me. if anyone has any recommendations please post them on my profile. thanks! peace and love.

    december 2010
  • igorkmarques

    yeah, i agree that classical indian music should'nt loose its historical and cultural idendity. Let's listen to people who got close to their musicality, like John Maclaughlin and others, somewherelse...

    april 2010
  • psychedali

    how should we tag rather modern songs which are heavily influenced by indian classical music? examples: 'peregrine' from donovan, 'om' from the moody blues, 'utterly simple' from traffic. raga rock fits only sometimes. suggestions to my shoutbox :)

    januari 2010
  • rphsz

    Me gustaria tb bajar musiaca gratis de estes artistas

    februari 2009
  • s77t7

    me gustaria bajar musiaca gratis de este artista

    januari 2009
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