Impossible for liberals to deal with

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Musik taggad “impossible for liberals to deal with”

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  • Totentanzz

    this tag is fucking ridiculous , please remove it or remove yourselves from the burden of existance

    21 dagar sedan
  • Sanity_Theorist

    This is one of few tags where I could expect Cher AND Glenn Beck to be on the list haha...the funniest part is that Jello Biafra is on this tag TWICE!

    maj 2015
  • metaldiscussor

    get rid of this stupid tag. this is just as bad as people who rate an album "7 out of 10 albums" on the album page.

    december 2014
  • xyberator

    Best tag I've seen there :D

    november 2014
  • LSDerrington

    This tag is used on so much music with a liberal perspective it's confusing.

    juli 2014
  • Microfoot

    The fact that this tag has been attached to Jello Biafra and fucking Prince is pretty funny to me.

    juli 2014
  • zmbNovella


    juli 2014
  • KingFahtah

    Fair enough

    maj 2014
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