Gothic rock

Gothic rock (även goth rock eller bara goth) är en musikgenre inom rocken med ursprung i sent 1970-tal. Till en början var gothic rock en etikett som tilldelades en handfull punk- och post-punkgrupper men i början av 1980-talet utkristalliserades en separat riktning. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: HIM

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torsdag 19 mars 2015
Clan of Xymox
Anthony JonesConcert
DNA Lounge
San Francisco CA, USA
37.771079 -122.412604

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  • LiamRandolph

    I had no idea this was an actual music genre until now. I always thought it was just a meaningless descriptor for image-heavy mallgoth bands. This is some pretty good stuff. :)

    onsdag morse
  • IsabelCValencia

    Evanescence is not a rock gothic band

    måndag morse
  • vidarth

    Lots of snobs here. "Gothic" is a contractual term, stop claiming this tag to only few post-punk bands. Evanescence can be tagged gothic 'cuz they share the same aesthetics as the more traditional representatives of the genre. But to be more accurate, they are a soft version of gothic metal ( influenced by Lacuna Coil and indirectly by Paradise Lost). Deal with it.

    förra veckan
  • Vomite_me


    senaste månaden
  • EJkanne

    So many bands there that have nothing to do with gothic rock...

    december 2014
  • Th3Nightwalker

    heeey im searching for a gothic/darkwave artist (woman although you really couldnt tell since she had a monster-like appearance. kinda like ASP) that used to pose with long knails (dunno if they were fake), had a bald head with many tattoos and as i can recall lived in an old castle cause she detested being seen in public. her name was "miss/lady something" as i can recall but i cant tell for sure...its been maaaaany years since ive found her page here in Last.Fm and i would love to take a listen or just rediscover her as its been stuck in my mind for ages. thanks!!

    december 2014
  • chino_moreno22

    evanescence is good band but real gothic rock is The Sisters of Mercy Fields of the Nephilim Bauhaus

    december 2014
  • MoonlitAutumn

    "just a generic pop-rock band with a teen angst i wear black and complain attitude" LOL, you just described The Cure.

    november 2014
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