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  • BananaGeekLord

    I hope to visit from the US one day. One of the things I want to do is see some of these bands live.

    september 2012
  • lolly_143

    ANY BANDS UP FOR A UNPLUGGED NIGHT IN GLASGOW!!!! contacts Lauren @ or for more info message me or email :)

    augusti 2012
  • cactusjack619

    augusti 2011
  • ghostworld1984

    Tags are based on a city like Glasgow because Glasgow IS music in itself...and Scotland in general : Best bands, best venues, everybody has an amazing musical culture...

    februari 2011
  • madnessXD

    How can tags be based on a city? At least it's better than the Seen Live tag.

    juli 2010
  • iamnotapie

    Coming from someone with a DBZ avatar that doesn't mean much

    juni 2010
  • Retro_Saiyan

    A Pimple on the Face of the Earth.

    juni 2010
  • bigbadnmad

    does anyone remember a band called slide from glasgow?80's,a bit like early texas/gun

    november 2009
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