”Garage rock” is something that really can not be regarded as a specific genre, the songs that are described as garage rock is music whose content is based on swinging chorus and guitars are played with reapiting chourds. It is customary to talk about the 60s and 70s punk as it is considered to be a certain difference of. The punk played on the 60th is also the music that has given the foundation for the very garage rock is itself. While the latter 70th century will be more stringent elements of punk, which includes bands such as Sex Pistols, Ramones and The Clash. Typical examples of 60’s punk is the classic songs as ”louie louie” by The kingsmen and ”Hey Joe” by The Leaves. According to some facts taken from wikipedia it seems like garage rock began with young people whose interest in music grew and resulted in that they wanted to play music themselves. But the lyrics had no particular message, but described most these pretty girls and days on beaches, etc… the Guitars they used were also badly tuned and were used only for certain chords. It is this type of music that could be another difine of rock & roll and which put the basis for later music such as ”grunge”.

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