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  • NJeroen

    The Strokes ;D

    december 2013
  • joabepereira97

    The Strokes ;D

    maj 2013
  • thekills1985

    This is EXACTLY the type of music I love! Good to know it has a name - the garage rock revival :D

    september 2012
  • crimsonsamura1

    There will always be love for Garage Rock, no Revival needed except for those unaware in the mainstream.

    juli 2012
  • GuitarSlinger11

    the absolute best music scene

    juni 2012
  • metawirt

    There seems to be a garage revival each decade! I thought "the" garage rock revival has been in the 90s, including bands like The Oblivians, The Mummies, The Gories, Thee Mighty Caesars and Thee Headcoats etc. Wikipedia is also reminds of an 80s garage revival (i.e The Fuzztones)

    januari 2012
  • koripirok

    i like garage rock revival hell yeaah !

    augusti 2011
  • hesua

    The Libertines

    februari 2011
  • venenumest

    @gabrielcavaresi: that statement is self-explanatory of your ignorance about when did garage rock appear 8-)

    maj 2010
  • pablostevenson


    januari 2010
  • gabrielcavaresi

    aka "I don't have enough creativity to create a new style so I copy the crap 80s"

    december 2009
  • TheBlackKnights

    aaaaahhhh for ze love of god why are the kooks here *twitches*

    april 2009