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female vocalists spelningar i USAse alla

söndag 25 januari 2015
Zap Mama
House of Blues
Orlando, USA
28.370897 -81.521781
Go Betty Go
The Dollyrots, A Pretty MessConcert
The Roxy Theatre
West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA
34.090645 -118.388138
Barnaby Bright
Barnaby BrightConcert
Falls Church, VA, USA

1 var där

Zola Jesus
Saint Vitus Bar
Brooklyn, New York, USA
40.808832 -73.954024

11 var där

Laura Benanti
Laura BenantiConcert
The Barns at Wolf Trap
Vienna, Washington VA, USA
38.932478 -77.265767
I dag
Weyes Blood
Mary LattimoreConcert
The Hideout
San Diego, CA, USA


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  • Angel_Blue-


    igår eftermiddag
  • wasting_death

    This tag alone set the women's rights movement back by around 20 years.

    fredag morse
  • eliaswever

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    onsdag morse
  • iTylor

    Dumb, sexist tag

    21 dagar sedan
  • ARTemiJast

    Worst tag (2x)

    22 dagar sedan
  • isonnhacom

    I see great song, but do not understand much, because I was a bit poor english

    25 dagar sedan
  • ChloeMaay

    We do have different genitals and different types of voices and it's just another way to categorize. Relax.

    30 dagar sedan
  • Grycho

    Calm the fuck down. Jesus Christ.

    december 2014
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