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  • darkhero1990

    Hey, check out my Band Otherland on BandCamp. We do something special! You like our first EP “Reanimated”? -> Give us a Like on Facebook Thank you very much!

    maj 2014
  • MMMMMorshu

    @frannus4242 @falkthenorseman and that is why we have a style called post-hardcore (even though it's umbrella as fuck it's still a better description than metalcore)

    januari 2014
  • FalkTheNorseman

    @frammis4242: If something is to be concidered Metal anything there has to be actual Metal in it. ISS, AA and A!A! have no Metal in their music. Thus, they can't be Metalcore.

    november 2013
  • frammis4242

    @wolfieboy - metalcore

    maj 2013
  • WolfieboyMachi

    So if we removed the electronic aspect of many of these bands, like I see Stars, Asking Alexandria, Attack! Attack! etc... What genre would they be then?

    november 2012
  • carli666


    oktober 2012
  • SceneA6A

    Cutting Pink With Knives, Enter Shikari, Crown The Empire, Asking Alexandria, Crossfaith <3

    juni 2012
  • DeanBaetz

    The best genre

    maj 2012
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