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  • Cat_Chaos

    Essential electrogoth is a bit forgotten genre. It is tightly connected with cybergoth, at all - it is the predecessor of cybergoth. From the list above only Cruxshdows and Nekromantik meet this tag. Blutengel, Terminal Choice, l'Ame Immortelle, etc - are bands from gothic electro pool (which is sort of more 'romantic' dark-electro). These two branches (electrogoth and gothic electro) are not the same! Moreover, they are really weakly bound each other despite their names. Electrogoth/cybergoth - was grown from the gothic rock roots, gothic/dark electro emerged from post-industrial genres such as EBM. The most known electrogoth bands are listed above Cruxshadows, Nekromantik, Phantom Vision, Midnight Configuration. Cybergoths are Goteki, Katscan, Deathboy, Tarantella serpentine. So, please, do not mix up these two genres. Because it looks like Nightwish tagged gothic metal.

    januari 2015
  • Cat_Chaos

    Blutengel? Terminal choice? l'ame immortelle? electrogoth?! o rly?!

    januari 2015
  • ringwraith10

    I... have not heard of this tag before. Couldn't we just call it electronic or industrial?

    september 2013
  • thordurfrimann

    what the fuck.

    augusti 2012
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