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I dag
ZomboyConcert Beta Nightclub
Denver, USA
39.753702 -104.995551
Winter White
Feed MeConcert
The Palladium
Worcester MA, USA
42.266757 -71.800906
Zeds Dead @ Park City Live
Zeds DeadConcert
Park City Live
Park City, USA
40.643881 -111.495884
Getter, Fox StevensonConcert
The Regency Ballroom
CA, San Francisco, USA
37.787583 -122.421665
tisdag 30 december 2014
12.30 - NYE Run: ZEDS DEAD - Aragon Ballroom
Zeds DeadConcert
The Aragon Ballroom
Chicago IL, USA
41.969122 -87.658018
onsdag 31 december 2014
NYE 360
Bassnectar, Tipper, g jonesConcert
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, USA
36.15913 -86.778492

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  • Ih8myM8

    le epic srkilleX

    tisdag kväll
  • The_SchizoidMan

    If you go outside Last.fm most people only think about Skrillex and brostep drops when they hear the word dubstep. Maybe my first comment shouldn't go here but that's the truth.

    måndag kväll
  • CriticalSwitch

    I see, but I don't completely get your point. Burial is currently probably the most popular dubstep artist on last.fm (as you can see, he is №1 in the top of this tag now and his top track (Archangel) has more plays in weekly charts than Skrillex's top track. Not to mention Burial's popularity in other communities and medias. Do you really think most of these people who condemn dubstep never heard about Burial? I would understand if you'd offer something really new and unknown as opposite to all this Skrillex-like stuff. So why am I writing all this bullshit? Just because this Burial vs Skrillex war is already getting on nerves.

    måndag morse
  • The_SchizoidMan

    @CriticalSwitch I respect that you don't like it; my comment just goes to all the completely annoying people saying that dubstep is shit and they only know Skrillex. I just want them to know that there are other things in dubstep.

    söndag kväll
  • CriticalSwitch

    Cut the crap please, no one denies that good dubstep exists, but it's definitely not Burial (neither Skrillex, of course). Yes, Burial does have a little bit of decent tracks, but overall he is fucking overhyped, especially in these ubiquitous hipster communities. I'm so damn sick of hearing about how good he is. I just don't see what's so good about transvestite-like annoying voice samples combined with very mediocre lo-fi ambient.

    söndag morse
  • The_SchizoidMan

    To dubstep haters: I understand you hate all the drop-the-bass brostep stuff, but please, check out the other styles of dubstep before criticize it as a whole. Burial is one of the greatest artists of all time and his music is beautiful and completely different to Skrillex's.

    lördag eftermiddag
  • Luky7

    / /

    16 dagar sedan
  • hknygt

    worst thing happened to music

    19 dagar sedan
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