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  • zedonato

    Djent isn't a genre

    augusti 2012
  • fireninjaxxx


    maj 2012
  • WolfieboyMachi

    Retarded tag.

    maj 2012
  • Roelof92

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

    december 2011
  • nameless999 Djent compilation incl new Volumes, Circles, Tesseract and more

    november 2011
  • swac31

    to Cryio: i don't agree, they are really different (metalcore is slower until prog metalcore is faster, more difficult to play it's not weird at all. Mathcore is way more weird and it's mostly a f***ing mess really difficult to listen with sometimes weird tuning (for early graves of Architcts it's AbF#BEG#C#) ! Djent It's base on the sounding, a really fat sounding, it's sound like a metacore/deathcore breakdown but a really weird one with disturbing silence and time signature,they have no solo and stuff, it's just chords. A djentcore is ( for me ) a band that mix metalcore/mathcore/prog metalcore and Djent (Mostly one guitar is a Djent the other metalcore/mathcore/prog metalcore) . If you listen to a song that's have Djent sounding and solos and stuff ==>Djentcore, Just a fat sounding chords ==>Djent, Death melodic, trash metal+hardcore ==>metalcore, Metalcore faster and more technical ==>Prog Metalcore, progressif Metalcore with weirder sounding , more low sound ==>Mathcore !

    juni 2011
  • Cryio

    Djent is Djent and that's it. There isn't any "Djentcore" It's already hard to distinguish Progressive Metalcore, Mathcore and Djent. Don't invent stupid Genres

    december 2010
  • nokon74kk

    now i know djentcore !!

    november 2010
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