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discoverockult spelningar i USAse alla

fredag 3 april 2015
Red Wanting BlueConcert Madison Theater
Covington, Cincinnati KY, USA
39.082689 -84.50955
torsdag 26 november 2015
Royal BlissConcert The Depot
Salt Lake City UT, USA
40.760588 -111.89395


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  • wych177

    I've always been wondering what the hell is this tag about [4]

    april 2014
  • Toughest_Monk

    From there

    januari 2014
  • Alikys

    Thanks to this tag, i've discovered Abused Romance, that became one of the rock band that i prefer... Thank you, dear tag, for this one, and all this other band ou make me discover...

    juni 2013
  • thekingg1

    MIKE CACC - new solo indie/blues/alt singer/guitarist from new york, now living in South Africa doing philanthropy work:

    maj 2013
  • rionka

    i can understand the "kult" part but it's definitelt not "occult".

    augusti 2012
  • luckystoned

    one tag where you can always find good music by cool bands.

    april 2012
  • ViperGuy

    I've always been wondering waht the hell is this tag about [3]

    mars 2012
  • LetterKill

    Probably one of the best tags ever. Without it I couldn't discover so many good bands

    december 2011
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