Death metal

Death metal, ofta på svenska dödsmetall, är en typ av extrem heavy metal, influerad av thrash metal, som utvecklades i USA (särskilt Florida och Kalifornien), Europa (särskilt Storbritannien och Sverige) under sent 1980-tal och tidigt 1990-tal. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Dark Tranquillity

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death metal spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
CarnageConcert Marquee Nightclub
Las Vegas, Neveda, Las Vegas, USA
36.109462 -115.174227
The Dawn Chose OrionConcert The Black Sheep
Colorado Springs CO, USA
38.837193 -104.789281
Fit For An Autopsy
Absolute SufferingConcert
Amityville Music Hall
Amityville, NY, USA

1 ska gå

AllegaeonConcert The Paper Box
Brooklyn, New York, USA
40.710764 -73.936524

1 ska gå

måndag 20 april 2015
Prosper or Perish, Product Of HateConcert
Championship Bar & Grill
Trenton, USA
40.211555 -74.739166
torsdag 23 april 2015
NYDM Milwaukee Spring Bash 2015
Whiplash, Novembers Doom, Midnight, Legion, Deceased, Malignancy, Hellwitch, ManticoreFestival
The Metal Grill
Cudahy, USA

3 ska gå



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  • ArtemDumster

    Death metal сила!

    onsdag morse
  • bluegrassishhh

    Remember in 2007 when the definition of this genre was Slipknot? Those were good times

    förra veckan
  • xVictimOfADownx

    Despite some of the elitist attitudes found in this kind of music, I do tend to find that people who listen to death/black metal tend to be more open to different kinds of music than the average music fan.

    15 dagar sedan
  • ShinTensei

    Listening and being a fan of this genre isnt like being a fan of any other types of music. Death metal opens you up to so many great people, great tunes, and great experiences. It opens the mind up to new possibilitys within sound in general. Anybody who is a fan of this genre and a completely different genre will realize one thing very fast. Life is quite simply a subjective experiance

    senaste månaden
  • Maquina_Muerte

    yall grmany [2]

    februari 2015
  • patrolyeah

    Hey I'd like to share with you post-death/black metal project, check it out! Hope you'll enjoy it:

    januari 2015
  • versionfiv

    sxr85g trolled last fm that day, here and the behemoth shoutbox and who knows where else. probably the bullet for my valentine box.

    januari 2015
  • TheWrathofThor If you go on this link, on the right had side it lists all the documented methods of execution there are. I swear there is a death metal band named after every method on there lol

    januari 2015
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