Death metal

Death metal, ofta på svenska dödsmetall, är en typ av extrem heavy metal, influerad av thrash metal, som utvecklades i USA (särskilt Florida och Kalifornien), Europa (särskilt Storbritannien och Sverige) under sent 1980-tal och tidigt 1990-tal. Läs mer...|Redigera detta Artistfoto: Incantation

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death metal spelningar i USAse alla

I dag
Lord Dying
Jub Jubs
Reno, NV, USA
War Eternal - American Tour 2014
Arch Enemy, Kreator, Huntress, StarkillConcert
House of Blues
Cleveland OH, USA
41.499724 -81.690843
Rings Of Saturn
The Convalescence, Koffity, EtheoristConcert
the handlebar
Pensacola, USA
30.417817 -87.213977

1 ska gå

Death: DTA - Swamp Leper Stomp '14
Death: DTA, Death, Obituary, Massacre, Rivers of Nihil, Untimely DemiseConcert
Amsterdam Bar and Hall
Saint Paul, MN, Minneapolis, USA
44.94638 -93.095375

3 ska gå

1 hojtning
Lord Dying
3rd Street Pub
Bend, USA
tisdag 25 november 2014
Lord Dying
El Corazón
Seattle WA, USA
47.618802 -122.329261


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  • spineshank155

    Good point, though CC is good for horror movies.Deicide on the other hand.. well.... <--nuff said.

    torsdag eftermiddag
  • Runoflife

    \\/ You know at least glam bands don't try to be sa pathetic as CC or Deicide.

    torsdag morse
  • spineshank155

    If you call this real music lol the cheese is oozing out of my PC just from posting that link. Nice try though.

    torsdag morse
  • spineshank155

    SXR85G, you could try Desecravity, Spawn of Possession, Miseration, Blood Red Throne, Nile, Aborted, Cryptopsy, Dead Congregation, Mitochondrion. These are relatively newer bands some of them focus on the older dm sound but there might be a few you'll like.

    torsdag morse
  • SXR85G

    It disappointed me very much that I do not know any death metal band. I only know the old farts like Canibal Corpse and other scrap from the '80 to which I have no desire. Would be a nice thing if someone could name a couple of young death metal groups as The Red Shore, Job for A Cowboy or Hackneyed. Nice greetings from Germany.

    onsdag kväll
  • Runoflife

    Well - well what we've got? 3 buttmad trOO fans? Relax kiddos, it's time for you to grow up from bunch of noise to the real music.

    onsdag eftermiddag
  • xVictimOfADownx

    "Pathetic style. As cheesy as dance pop, but tryin' to be more brOOtal." Can't tell if really bad trolling or ignorant as fuck.

    förra veckan
  • spineshank155

    lol @ death metal being pathetic and cheesy as dance pop. Oh and i forgot brOOtal. I can't contain my laughter.

    förra veckan
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