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  • AsepticVoid

    Aseptic Void upcoming digi-CD Carnal is now almost ready to be manufactured at our pressing plant. Totally remastered, Carnal offers to the listeners a cinematic experience into Silent Hill-esque's ambiences. For fans of dark ambient in its purest and strongest from. Limited to 450 copies. Pre-order your copy→ NAKED LUNCH RECORDS: ‪#‎darkambient‬ ‪#‎asepticvoid

    februari 2015
  • AyaneFukumi

    "Bands I've seen live" HA! Ha... ha... h-ha :,c

    juli 2014
  • AyaneFukumi

    Being in California and an up and coming Dancecore artist myself (Or hoping to be), I hope to start djing dancecore/mashcore/lolicore/ect in the states. It'll be awesome <3

    juli 2014
  • Insect_Reject


    augusti 2013

    You are correct James, as for a genre to be considered "serious" it's absolutely essential for it to have at least [b]342[/b] taggers on lastfm. (Bitch, please....)

    juli 2012
  • gregovich

    What are you even doing here? Go complain where someone gives a flying fuck. There's not only the "punk hardcore" out there. Go listen to speedcore until your ears bleed, please.

    juli 2012

    Yeah, I think most of our artists have only ever done shows in Europe, with the exception of USA Kings who did a dancecore tour of NZ and Australia a couple years ago

    maj 2012
  • uranutan

    So, are there ever any dancecore shows/raves in the US or is it basically just a European thing?

    mars 2012
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