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  • macychick

    There are many ways a band could be college. It could be a college or university choir, a capella group, glee club, or marching band. It could be a band that got their start performing in college at frat parties or coffeehouses. It could also be music that reminds the listener of his/her college days.

    januari 2011
  • cbl2008

    how do you say a band is college?

    juni 2009
  • nmzshinile

    Hi, everyone! Bt4/Brendan McCreary is now officially Brendan's Band, and they will be releasing a new album with ten new tracks late this summer! If you could help spread the word about the album and the name change (from Bt4/Brendan McCreary to Brendan's Band) we'd mucho appreciate it! Thanks for listening and scrobbling! <3, Brendan's Band

    juni 2009
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