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lördag 2 maj 2015
The Baseball ProjectConcert Rough Trade NYC
Brooklyn, New York, USA
40.72039 -73.959675


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  • TheMightyWaffle

    V omg stop using homophobic slurs to demean others you big meanie

    senaste månaden
  • amilee

    No, the question is: is Argamocrypt the biggest faggot on, or the biggest faggot ever?

    juli 2013
  • Angelight2012

    Glad to see that Vampire Weekend isnt here

    mars 2012
  • venenumest

    The 80s "classic rock". Both being unbearable terms, this one for: new wave, jangle pop, neo-psychedelia, post-punk and... well, ok, I know, overclassification is potentially annoying, but...

    januari 2012
  • jesse6669

    Always good to respond to generalizations with more generalizations, incredible, jfon605

    oktober 2011
  • jfon605

    The people calling this "horrible" must be devoted fans of MeTaL and Hard Rawk. Or they are youngsters who don't even understand what this is (none of the naysayers here are old enough to remember the 80s).

    september 2011
  • lincolnp75

    weezer is definitely college rock. one of the reasons i can't stand them.

    juni 2011
  • selitskas

    It's horrible, indeed.

    mars 2011
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