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  • Ichkennmich

    If you don´t like this tag, than ignore it, but don´t hate this tag for its existence

    söndag eftermiddag
  • dalekslayer96

    This tag is cancer.

    senaste månaden
  • sangremuerto

    jesus freaks.

    juni 2015
  • knighthammer


    december 2014
  • Stormfisk

    Okay so when will there be Islamic Metalcore? Or perhaps some Hindu Hardcore?

    oktober 2014
  • akerbeltz

    lol @ Death Grips

    september 2014
  • Matrioshka

    "Hail Satan!", suddenly, a voice came from the chamber-pot party. But guys, as usually, did not pay any attention to shouts of that shrill cock. Allow these ravens of a being, anything to take from it. A rooster is not a person, and tonight it’s going to have a very tough night. Throughout the last year and a half, every single one of his nights was such, thus now its anus has been stretched so wide that one could easily hide a can of condensed milk inside it.

    augusti 2014
  • illa-lupus

    hail satan [2]

    maj 2014
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