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  • rionka

    looolol, that's EXACTLY what i listen ALL the time. it's just the same thing as "female fronted". girls rock, just deal with it guys. xo

    september 2014
  • Lord-Putz

    hey Zombiepope, I like your attitude. I'm a guy who's been trying to get over a lifetime of misogyny, and I got to this page by typing "chick rock" into (ugg!) Google. I don't know what else to call upbeat female-powered music, and as a bunch of dirty old men run the industry, I don't have a clue how else to search....I just got to this page hoping to find April March, and your comment made me register. Dunno if you get 'notifications' of replies or not, but if you get back here, I mean this sincerely; how can I search for music by the intelligent gender?

    december 2012
  • Zombiepope

    seriously? "chick rock"? whoever made this tag: fuck you you sexist piece of shit.

    februari 2012
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