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  • Suomirocker

    бред eбаный [2]. True californian punk are Black Flag, Nofx, Flogging Molly, Dead Kennedys, Bad religion and even early Offspring, а не это мyдaчьё.

    juni 2015
  • vzakharov

    JCCAKES: You probably didn't know that "California" is a name of a small but musically proliferous town in Siberia, hence the name. I think it's a sister city of Idaho's Moscow

    juni 2013
  • ChococolateRain

    Здорово)) JCCAKES, he-he-he..

    juli 2011

    I love how most of the top artists here's names are in Russian. So Californian that it's Russian.

    oktober 2010
  • dangermon

    бред ебаный

    juni 2009
  • slushpunk

    you got to check out this band, I heard of them a few years ago. They have been playing together since 1992 and have like 9 albums out, and all of there music is free to download on there website. There a western canadian band, but they are pretty unknown band to my knowledge. They have a pretty cool style, which is a little different the most new technical skate punk bands. Whatever check out there website ( all of there 9 albums aree free to download ) and there myspace page ( )

    september 2008
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