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  • crazytribe

    Which is very different from technical brutal death metal.

    oktober 2013
  • theJAMAAAL

    Fuckin insane genre, first listen to Hour of Penance.. damn, they took my balls and crush them with blastbeats really bad \m/

    mars 2013
  • mysteriousdsf

    Brutal Technical Death Metal = "Brutal Death-ish", guttural vocal style and often the high tuned can-like snare with technical guitar works (Internal Suffering, Incinerate, Inveracity). Technical Brutal Death Metal: Technical Death Metal with extensive use of blast beats. Vocally, standard Death Metal growls dominate. Very fast drumming and guitar tracks all the time, a total aural mindfuck (Origin, Brain Drill, Beneath the Massacre). The latter one might be the heaviest because these bands are pretty much feel like the heaviest bands ever (heaviness can be relative, though).

    november 2012
  • mysteriousdsf

    I fucking love this style!! I wanna know people with whom I can discuss (more or less) obscure Death Metal bands

    november 2012
  • freakbreed


    oktober 2012
  • Atreidezz

    Brutal Pop Rock

    augusti 2012
  • faphardretard

    What's wrong with description? It seems to be correct and it even teached me a new word.

    juni 2012

    Very original tag and clever description guys

    april 2012
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