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lördag 6 juni 2015
30 Years of Sepultura
Sepultura, Destruction, Arsis, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Boris the Blade, Starkill, MicawberConcert
Publiq House
New Orleans, USA

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  • ItsThiagoBanger

    Lady Gaga

    december 2014
  • spineshank155

    I laughed when i saw this tag on .5: The Gray Chapter

    november 2014
  • Piter-Cannibal

    >Chelsea Grin - Brutal Deathcore. Тут нужно очень много подливы.

    juli 2014
  • Alisa59

    Bobo9390: My life will be a total misery if I listen to music that I dislike. Screw that.

    juli 2014
  • Alisa59

    What?! There is even 'brutal deathcore' in the music genre? I prefer brutal death metal than this. -_-

    juli 2014
  • bobo9390

    "Do you really expect somebody to have music that they don't like in their charts?" So someone who doesn't have music they dislike in their charts is acting like an expert on people having music in their charts that they dislike. Because that makes any sense.

    april 2014
  • Rosenvamp

    Tokio Hotel

    februari 2014
  • Ivartist

    First seemed like an useless tag to me, but now I see that these bands are deathcore bands that indeed borrow more elements from Brutal Death Metal, but more importantly DON'T use clean vocals, which really makes the different (and more enjoyable, IMO) from other "non-brutal" deathcore bands.

    februari 2014
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