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  • kaminekosan

    I tagged a bunch of actual real dubstep with this like 3 or 4 years ago out of contempt for the brostep haters and now I'm into the actual real dubstep and I feel really bad. Not for the elitist fuckheads that invented this genre but for the magnificent genre they were oh-so-aptly defending

    mars 2015
  • PostHuman96

    I don't even care anymore this genre is beautiful. I feel like such a dirty slut.

    december 2014
  • LCDnewOrder

    Brostep is crap, pure and simple

    december 2014
  • Q459

    maybe a better word for brostep would be contemporary dubstep

    november 2014
  • Lewiswontdie95

    I've never liked how dismissive the term "brostep" is, but it was necessary to differentiate this stuff from the rest of dubstep. [5]

    november 2014
  • subtonal

    yeah Rob Zombie wtf?!

    juli 2014
  • Sanity_Theorist

    Artist picture: Rob Zombie. LOL

    juli 2014
  • timmortal_4ever

    the most suitable tag for such music is

    april 2014
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