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  • Retro_Saiyan

    Only good thing to come out of Joseph Stalin were the "seven sisters" buildings. Otherwise he stunk. He was unfunny and overrated, and lacked a decent backbeat.

    17 dagar sedan

    Rick Astley and Windows 95 ftw.

    maj 2015
  • MayDave

    Rick Astley...that's about right.

    juni 2012
  • Retro_Saiyan

    I've tagged 19 artists with this, usually jokingly. Does that mean I will have my head sliced off by the executioner?

    maj 2012
  • anotherbrickin

    Coca-Cola nad Joseph Stalin FTW !!

    augusti 2010
  • maplejet

    Wait, how can a inanimate video gaming console be an act?

    juni 2010
  • scapino

    lol Stalin

    mars 2010
  • SpiderTrail

    Rick Astley, Iron Maiden, Testament and Joseph Stalin. That pretty much sums me up entirely...

    februari 2010
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