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  • blueyz

    great tracks to be found in this tag, love loads of them.

    augusti 2010
  • BeBopDeLula

    actually I am BeBopDeLula and this is my chill out tags :) but we have become friends and settled all that haven't we?

    januari 2010
  • imanelectrician

    on the other hand, i love your mention (and inclusion) of nor elle, which has been rudely ignored by most !!!

    december 2009
  • imanelectrician

    now, wait a minute, this music may rock, but without the bebop you mean !!! oops i could be wrong about tosca, well most of the time tosca doesn't bebop either.... not even heights or fila do really, and porcini work the chill without even rocking.... i suspect you mean by bebop the acid or nujazzy aspect... i still think it's back to the drawing board, dude!!! :D

    december 2009
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