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  • mdreamweaver

    I have added a new album with instrumental music for relax and chill to my profile. have a listen to the songs on my album "Laid back" at:

    december 2011
  • Music_overdose

    Watch this Video of the austrian Newcomer "Catastrope and Cure". The song "The Bird" is available as a free download on their webside. If you like this band, it would be great to support them by spreading their music. CHECK this out!

    november 2011
  • eisoptrophobic

    it is very, VERY sad that only austropop and (shitty) folk are featured here. austria has such fine artists to give! e.g. waldeck, bulbul, fennesz, makossa&megablast, our ceasing voice, parov stelar..just to name a few.

    oktober 2011
  • bandjolista

    Please, join in my European Music World group. Thanks!

    juli 2010
  • neferaton

    Austria <3

    april 2010
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