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  • ABK225UF

    Rest in Peace Hunter. Legendary Australian MC.

    maj 2014
  • bjk202

    the main reason why aussie hip hop is my favourite (before 360 and kerser ruined it) they always rap about their lives Hoods,Horrorshow,Draft,Bliss n Eso,Pez and Funkoars

    april 2012
  • SimonePerrota

    Australian hip-hop has a lot to offer - comparing it to the U.S. is pointless but if people can't get past an accent or whatever that's kind of weak...

    december 2011
  • bronny33

    The main reason I love Aussie hip-hop is because it is Australian - with real Aussie accents and real Aussie issues. It even mentions places and events in Oz! About time!!! I'm so sick of American Cultural Imperialism! As far as hip-hop from the US goes, I don't get it...the issues (if any) aren't mine, the sentiments expressed aren't mine. I can't relate to that stuff at all. Still, each to his own...

    november 2011
  • merindalucx

    Speaking as an Australian, does anyone else think our accents sound weird when we rap? I guess I could just be too used to hearing American accents in rap songs.. /not h8ing

    oktober 2011
  • ErowidDotOrg

    lol@these shouts

    oktober 2011
  • Kidwut

    To the faggot below, Take ya indie shit up ya ass. And this is from a cunt who knew hardcore before hip hop. Alteast our scene isn't full of faggots trying to rape each other. Last time I checked, the hardcore scene was full of wannbe gangsters. And if you fags are angry, If you can take a dick in the ass, You can take a fucking joke!

    maj 2011
  • markpcronin

    To all the fans, go stick your heads back up your asses.

    december 2010
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