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  • MarcusLMosnter

    interesting discussion we had over here

    oktober 2012
  • RetralJ

    tikuko you shouldn't make a judgement based on the top 8 bands. 8 isn't a sufficiently large enough sample-size where the population is 100 (as it is on these pages). Also "the top 8" isn't a random sample. For all we know people might generally prefer bands with birds in their names. I think the best way to judge who is winning out of mammals and non-mammals is to bite the bullet and crunch the numbers. A count-up now shows that although it's even more of a close contest mammals are still in the lead; mammals have 47 points to non-mammals' 43.

    oktober 2011
  • tikuko

    Considering 7 of the top 8 bands are non-mammals, and 6 are birds, I'd have to say otherwise

    juni 2011
  • RetralJ

    Mammals are currently beating the non-mammals 51 points to 45.

    mars 2011
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