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  • xStrikeBassProx

    Dragonforce single handedly started the angura kei movement dearest sir.[2] I Don't even know what angura kei is lol

    april 2015
  • YUNA_Hana-bi

    YUKKE <3 echt jetz

    november 2013

    now i want some fuckin sauerkraut

    augusti 2013
  • psychoTEDDY

    Labeling something "J-rock" isn't all that unreasonable, considering.

    april 2013
  • psychoTEDDY

    How about the and \ labels?

    april 2013
  • psychoTEDDY

    "There isn't G-rock for Germany" ...but there IS , and ... also, there is a song by a German band all about a girl who only listens to German rock: Deutschrockgirl.

    april 2013
  • OnceNefarious

    Jrock ISN'T just plain rockn' roll. It's Jrock.... =P It's developed in it's own individual way that is independent of American rock with influences from non-rock Japanese music and culture. Just like you have classic rock and hard rock and psychedelic rock and prog rock and alternative rock and different kinds of metal (because they've deviated beyond the idea of just plain "rock n' roll)... Lumping it all together doesn't prove anything or serve any purpose and doesn't help anyone. It's not all just rock n' roll. Call it just plain rock or rock n' roll if YOU want, but don't talk about the genres being pointless in general if you don't understand what they are and why they're called what they are.... Arg, this really annoys me....

    januari 2013
  • Keiyuu88

    @AlphaNoodle: German rock is not the same as Krautrock.

    september 2012
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