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  • LAHardwave

    Underground lo-fi from Los Angeles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVQrTJB6y30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzgRNEUk868

    augusti 2014
  • Akyde

    *beep boop* Bitches on my dick *boop boop* swag times a hundred million *beep bop*

    januari 2014
  • Q459

    Yeah, you're right, all rappers should sound the same

    januari 2013
  • Luky7

    Alternative Hip-Hop is for wannabez and fakebitches trying to look special. Worst thing ever happened to hip-hop and music at all.

    oktober 2012
  • Luky7

    Kid Cudi? NO. Kid Cudi is Hip-Pop and Hip-Dance-Pop overrated rapper

    september 2012
  • weezysimmonds

    To be fair, Travie was actually good when he was Schleptrok

    juli 2012
  • room200sycamore

    Why aren't you guys lol'ing @ Travie McCoy?

    december 2011
  • fearus1


    oktober 2011
  • TapirsRD

    before everyone starts to lol @ cudi, maybe you should check his music some more, he has some of them mainstream hits, but beyond that, there are some amazing beautiful creative songs, with lots of emotion and experimental sounds in them, he surely ain't "just another rapper" and he sure is alternative.

    augusti 2011
  • Splif4d


    juli 2011
  • ppplild

    #1 Underground Rap Site Online. Period http://www.rapmonster.com

    mars 2011
  • Misob13

    Cudi <3 (2)

    januari 2011
  • Mathelsom

    Cudi <3

    januari 2011
  • FelipeRosario

    outra tag que eu criei seus babaquinhas

    januari 2011
  • eye-dentity

    lol @ Kid Cudi [2]

    november 2010
  • kelvinlouis

    GuYGgi I don't know either...

    november 2010
  • GuYGgi

    idk why they hatin cudder...

    september 2010
  • ShellyThunda

    Mic Geronimo's new independently released EP titled "LONE WOLF" on last.fm ♫ ►http://www.last.fm/music/Mic+Geronimo/LONE+WOLF+(EP)+[Explicit]◄ Find him also on: • twitter ►http://www.twitter.com/micgeronimo◄ • facebook ►http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mic-Geronimo/115884671783711?ref=sgm◄ • myspace ►http://www.myspace.com/mgeronimo◄ »»»»»»»»»» Stay connected.. new music.. freestyles.. updates.. & more.. W W W . M I C G E R O N I M O . C O M ►http://www.micgeronimo.com◄

    juni 2010
  • Didohotep

    Kid Cudi?! Seriously?

    juni 2010
  • Katisdope

    lastfakemuffin your severely wrong....

    maj 2010
  • theawesomekb

    no its not ALTERNATIVE RAP CHANGED MY LIFE.. seriously.

    april 2010
  • Evil_Deed

    Kid Kudi?

    januari 2010
  • So_SugaR

    lol @ Kid Cudi

    januari 2010
  • oimg33kx

    New York is were dreams come 2 life lets get this shit popin

    november 2009
  • countchockula

    Nitty Gritty Radio is where you can hear the best in Old School Hip Hop, B-Sides, Remixes and Underground/Indie Hip Hop classics. Bringing you back to the feeling of those days when you would listen to the radio with a tape in the tapedeck and record/pause ready to go. If you’re looking for a little Boom Bap back in your life, then this is the PodCast for you! http://nittygrittyradio.podbean.com/ Peace!

    juni 2009
  • Davebill

    lol @ Hollywood Undead.

    maj 2009
  • Oz_Alchemist

    Hi, I'm a new abstract and trip hop musician on lastfm, come check my compositions !

    maj 2009
  • Clove24

    Ipowers thank you very much for saying that,Luoe Fiasco is probably the most uinderrated Main Strret rapper.The Radios only play Superstar but They never played Hiphop saved my life,The Coolest,Paris,Streets on fire.These are other good songs Which i like better than Superstar.

    april 2009
  • iPowers

    Other than Fort Minor and Kanye West, no one seems to really notice the others too much.

    april 2009
  • imoneyg

    alternative rap tends to be played on the radio and if underground was... it wouldnt be underground

    april 2009
  • Clove24

    Whats the difference between Underground and Alternative Rap

    april 2009
  • IRONICtypo

    @s-mac: De La Soul popularized the genre. They are 100% alternative rap.

    mars 2009
  • s-mac

    What I dont get is Why artists like De La Soul and Common are here. I always considered Alt. Rap to be guys like Aesop Rock, El-P, Busdriver and such.

    februari 2009
  • illogic6

    This sub-genre is the single thing redeeming today's rap/hip hop scene.

    februari 2009
  • cypresser


    januari 2009