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  • JuniorMcCartney

    "Albums I have listened to on Spotify, or illegally downloaded, or legally downloaded, or have heard playing on the background of a terrible party in my mate's flat while he was super high on cocaine and I was trying to get it on with some bitch that thought I was just another loser she could use to pay her drinks (she thinks she's so fucking great but everyone knows she is a fucking cunt. Yeah, I know all about your VD, Karen. You herpes ridden prostitution whore.) Also I'm pretty sure I bought a physical copy of it, but I can't be certain, I probably just borrowed it from Jeff but never gave it back, cause I know he made out with Karen, even though he knew I was in love with her. I should do everyone a favor and kill myself, that would teach them all a lesson" tag

    igår morse
  • Frank_War

    @ahenathon I already did it a week ago lol

    onsdag eftermiddag
  • ahenathon

    These who can not stand should also take a reddish eyes look at .

    förra veckan
  • ztl_olmi

    This tag is as useless and self-promoting as the "seen live" tag. As in very.

    senaste månaden
  • kablewie

    what a useless tag.

    februari 2015
  • Dusk2099

    shitty albums you torrented

    februari 2015
  • Raj404

    shitty albums you own [404]

    februari 2015
  • Q459

    shitty albums you own

    februari 2015
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